Planned Parenthood Saved My Life. But the Story Doesn’t End There.

It’s impossible for me to overstate how much Planned Parenthood has helped me

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Cannibal Mermaids, Dybbuks, Golems, and Lilith Herself: Feminist Retellings of Jewish Folktales

Feminists have retold Jewish folkloric legends in many different formats, equipping dybbuks with autonomy and giving voice to the possessed. But is it enough?


Losing God in Jerusalem

While living in Jerusalem, I lost God. I never lost the belief in God, mind you, but rather, God’s presence. And that is far more unsettling. 

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This Website Helps Progressive Female Candidates Run for Office

Project Sheila, the brainchild of Eliza Cussen, is designed to supply aspiring female politicians with high-quality campaign websites.

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Stop Asking “Why Are You Still Orthodox?”

Even though I am not Orthodox anymore and haven’t been for a while, I will continue to defend to the ends of the earth women’s decisions to stay.

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A Jewish Feminist Happy (?) Hour
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
7:00-8:30 p.m. at Hebrew Union College
Join us for an evening of Jewish feminist conversations, connections, networking, and community as we celebrate our spring issue: “Wise Women.” Click here for more information.


Lilith’s roundup of upcoming events for your fun and edification. Jewish feminist folk songs, an augmented reality art exhibit and lots more. Know of an awesome Jewish feminist event you aren’t seeing? Submit your suggestion​ to info@lilith.org.

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Wisconsin Bill Would Ban Doctors From Learning How to Perform Abortions https://t.co/4GsyFkVQ39

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A recorded conversation with Joy Ladin at Washington's DCJCC. She's wonderfully instructive, sometimes in deeply poignant ways; listen carefully here when she describes, among other things, the plight of transgender teens and their very basic need for shelter. 

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